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All the data (height, flower size, etc...) are from official description, different countiries could give different results. All the comments are on my esperience in my garden in Italy. The year is referred to the real introduction for sale in the market .

The simbol  "*" if present before the cultivar name denotes a TETRAPLOID


Ee = extra early;

E= early;

Em = early medium;

M = medium;

Ml = medium -late;

L= late;

Vl = very late. 

Emo= early morning,

Noc= nocturnal;

Ext = extended blooming, 16 hours or more.


Nofr. = No fragrant;

Fr = fragrant;

Vfr = very fragrant. 


Ev = evergreen;

Sev = Semi evergreen;

Dor = dormant.

Reblooming = Re

Diploid 2n = 22 cromosoms.

Tetraploid 2n = 44 cromosoms.